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Brown's Dragonfire Martial ArtsIsshin Shorinji Ryu KataDART / Practical KarateMartial Arts (Facebook list)
Okinawa Te - Rod LindgrenQuiet Dragons (Facebook group for my students only)US Martial Arts Academy
Stop the Violence
Center for Missing/Exploited ChildrenChild Abuse Prevention (Yello Dyno)Child Safety NetworkChiron Training (Rory Miller)
Crime Prevention for KidsCode AmberDr. RuthlessEssential Guide to Self-defense for Women
Expert Guide on Kids Home SecurityJane Doe, IncMaking Sense of Self-defenseMcGruff
Mutual GroundNational Crime PreventionNational Sex Offender RegistryNeighborhood & Home Safety
No Nonsense Self-defense (Marc "Animal" MacYoung)Not in Our TownTeen Dating ViolenceWeb of Hope
Stop Bullying
Atrium SocietyBully Busters Teachers ManualBullying & Substance AbuseCharacter Counts!
Dealing with BullyingKidPower.orgKids Against BullyingNot in Our Schools
Stomp Out BullyingStop Bullying
Cyberbullying / Internet Safety
Computer Security & Safety TipsCyberbullyingCyberLaw EnforcementGuide for Children and Kids Safety on the Web
Guide to Cyberbullying PreventioniKeepSafeInternet Safety & Security for KidaiSafe
Make a Difference for KidsMobile Device Safety for KidsSafety Code 101 - Social Networking for Parents and KidsStaying Safe Online
Stop CyberbullyingTeen AngelsWhat is Cyberbullying & How to Stop ItWired Safety
Online Communities
CyberDojoFighting Arts ForumsIan Abernethy Message Boards
General Martial Arts
Black Belt MagazineBullshidoChronological History of Martial ArtsFightingArts.com
Geoff ThompsonGrapple ArtsIan AbernethyIntl Modern Arnis Federation
Intl Society of Okinawan/Japanese Karate-doIntl Wushu Grading SystemJudo VideosKarate Museum (Hawaii)
Kowakan (Mario McKenna)Martial Arts Information CenterMartial Arts Teachers AssnMartial Arts Training Service
Martial Arts ViewOkinawa - Land of KaratePOW KickboxingShaolin Gung Fu Institute
Shaolin HistoryShaolin TempleSharkey KarateShinjinbukan Shorin-ryu
Shito Ryu Cyber AcademyUSKKUSA Shaolin Wuzuquan FederationWarrior Pages
Wudang Research Association
Assn for Renaissance Martial ArtsCane MastersIntl Hoplology SocietySword Forum International
True Swords
Equipment / Books / DVD / Publications / Products / Services
Albion SwordsAsian World of Martial ArtsCAS/HanweiCentury
Dragon AssociatesEri Takase CalligraphyKungfu MagazinePlum Publications
Samurai DVDSeven Stars Trading Co.Tiger Claw
Crime Facts and Stats
Brady CampaignBureau of Justice StatisticsSourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

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