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Student Rules


  • Be Courteous
    • Good manners foster respect and concern for yourself and your fellow students.
      Good manners are important outside the dojo as well. We show others who we really are by our actions. Our actions reflect what is in our hearts and minds. Strive to develop a true feeling of respect, courtesy, and friendship to all, and let these feelings show through in everything you do. The ultimate responsibility for safe and correct conduct lies with the individual. To study martial arts is to accept the challenge of taking active responsibility for your own life and for the well-being of those around you.
    • Never boast about your ability, style, or instructor, nor should you criticize other styles, instructors, or students.
    • Help your fellow students improve. Work with them, challenge them, but don't overwhelm or injure them.
    • Do not touch someone else's weapons without permission.
    • Avoid making unnecessary noise in the dojo.
    • Avoid unnecessary talking during class.
    • Bow often. Bowing is a sign of courtesy and respect - nothing more, nothing less. It should be sincere, not mechanical. Your instructors and your fellow students deserve your respect just as you deserve their respect. Bow when you enter the room, when you leave the room, when class starts, when class ends, when you address an instructor or partner, when you take leave of an instructor or partner. Bow often.
  • Be Responsible
    • You are responsible for bringing whatever equipment you need for class.
      Not Mom. Not Dad. Not your wife or husband or brother or sister or friend. You!
    • Maintain good hygiene. Keep fingernails and toenails clipped short to prevent injury, keep long hair tied back or restrained so your vision will not be impaired.
    • Do not wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, watches or other jewelry or adornments (with the exception of wedding bands) during class.
    • Do not leave your shoes, bag or other gear where someone will trip over them.
    • During practice, pay attention. If you hear "YAMAE" or "MATTE" - meaning STOP - instantly stop whatever you're doing and give the instructor your undivided attention.
    • Avoid horseplay, fooling around, waving or throwing equipment, or behaving carelessly.
    • Never misuse your skill in the martial arts. Brawling or bullying are never acceptable behaviors!
    • Do not consume alcoholic beverages or use drugs of any kind before class! If you must take prescription drugs notify your instructor.
  • Uniforms
    • Black traditional karate gi.
    • Uniforms should always be clean and in good repair.
    • Uniforms are not required for beginner or open classes.
      Students not in a uniform should wear sturdy, loose fitting clothing.
    • School patch should be worn on left upper arm. Other patches are optional. Check with an instructor for information on permitted patches and their placement on your uniform.
  • Injuries
    • If you have a previous injury, have any health problems, are using any type of medication, or have any pre-existing condition which could be made worse by martial arts practice, inform your instructor prior to any instruction.
    • All care will be taken to minimize the potential of injury. While it is unlikely that you will be seriously injured in a martial arts class, it can happen. There is a possibility you could be seriously injured in any sporting event. If you are injured, immediately inform the instructor of your injury.

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