Quiet Dragons
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Quiet Dragons Second Form

(Symmetrical 24 form)
  1. Begin (S)
  2. Lao Yang's Horse (L,R,L_E)
  3. White Crane Spreads Wings (L_E)
  4. Brush Knee (L,R,L_E)
  5. Play Guitar, hands splitting ( L_E )
  6. Push Monkey (R,L,R,L_E)
  7. Grasp Bird's Tail (L_E)
  8. Grasp Bird's Tail (R_W)
  9. Lao Yang's Whip (L_E)
  10. Wave Hands Like Clouds (3x-L_S)
  11. Lao Yang's Whip (L_E)
  12. High Pat on Horse (L_E)
  13. Kick with the Right Foot (R_SE)
  14. Strike Both Ears (R_SE)
  15. Turn and Kick with Left Foot (L_NW)
  16. Snake Creeps Down (L_W)
  17. Golden Rooster Stands on 1 Leg (R_W)
  18. Snake Creeps Down (R_W)
  19. Golden Rooster Stands on 1 Leg (L_W)
  20. Fair Lady Works Shuttles (R_NW, L_SW)
  21. Needle at Sea Bottom (L_W)
  22. Fan Back (L_W)
  23. Turn & Chop Fist (R_E)
  24. Deflect, Parry and Punch (L_E)
  25. Seal Up and Push (L_E)

  26. Lao Yang's Horse (R,L,R_W)
  27. White Crane Spreads Wings (R_W)
  28. Brush Knee (R,L,R_W)
  29. Play Guitar, hands splitting (R_W)
  30. Push Monkey (L,R,L,R_W)
  31. Grasp Bird's Tail (R_W)
  32. Grasp Bird's Tail (L_E)
  33. Lao Yang's Whip (R_W)
  34. Wave Hands Like Clouds (3x-R_S)
  35. Lao Yang's Whip (R_W)
  36. High Pat on Horse (R_W)
  37. Kick with the Left Foot (L_SW)
  38. Strike Both Ears (L_SW)
  39. Turn and Kick with Right Foot (R_NE)
  40. Snake Creeps Down (R_E)
  41. Golden Rooster Stands on 1 Leg (L_E)
  42. Snake Creeps Down (L_E)
  43. Golden Rooster Stands on 1 Leg (R_E)
  44. Fair Lady Works Shuttles (L_NE, R_SE)
  45. Needle at Sea Bottom (R_E)
  46. Fan Back (R_E)
  47. Turn & Chop Fist (L_W)
  48. Deflect, Parry and Punch (R_W)
  49. Seal Up and Push (R_W)
  50. Cross Hands (S)
  51. End (S)

Quiet Dragons, LLC 2018-01-31