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Simplified 32 Sword

  1. Immortal Points the Way & Three Rings Around the Moon)
  2. Tap Forward with Feet Together (Needle at Sea Bottom)
  3. Overhead Thrust on One Leg (Biggest Star in Big Dipper)
  4. Horizontal Sweep in Crouching Stance (Swallow Skims Over Water)
  5. Right Horizontal Cut (Intercept Right)
  6. Left Horizontal Cut (Intercept Left)
  7. Circular Chop on One Leg (Search the Sea)
  8. Step Back & Withdraw Sword (Embrace Moon)
  9. Oblique Upward Thrust on One Leg (Bird Returns to Nest in Forest)
  10. Intercept Low in Empty Stance (Black Dragon Wags Tail)
  11. Thrust in Left Bow Stance (Blue Dragon Rises from Sea)
  12. Turn Around & Cut Obliquely (Wind Blows Lotus Leaves)
  13. Shrink Back & Cut Obliquely (Lion Shakes Head)
  14. Hold Sword in Front with Knee Raised (Tiger Holds Head)
  15. Hop & Straight Thrust (Wild Horse Leaps Over Ravine)
  16. Upper-cut in Left Empty Stance (Smallest Star in Big Dipper)
  17. Upper-cut in Right Bow Stance (Lift Moon from Sea Bottom)
  18. Turn, Chop & Withdraw Sword (Shoot Wild Goose)
  19. Straight Thrust with Feet Together (White Ape Serves Fruit)
  20. Parry in Bow Stance - Left, Right, Left (Brush Dust Against Wind)
  21. Step Forward with Backhand Thrust (Push Boat With the Current)
  22. Stab Overhead, Turn & Chop Back (Meteor Chases Moon)
  23. Tap in Empty Stance (Heavenly Steed Soars Across Sky)
  24. Hold Sword Level on One Leg (Lift Curtain)
  25. Parry & Chop in Bow Stance (Left Wheel)
  26. Circular Chop in Empty Stance (Right Wheel)
  27. Retreat & Slash Back (Roc Spreads Wings)
  28. Step Forward with Straight Thrust (Wasp Returns to Hive)
  29. Withdraw Sword in T-Stance (Embrace Moon)
  30. Slice Horizontally in a Circle (Wind Sweeps Away Plum Blossums)
  31. Straight Thrust in Bow Stance (Compass Points South)
  32. Close

Quiet Dragons, LLC 2013-09-30