Quiet Dragons
Quiet Dragons, LLC
seisanryu karate
Soft Blocks

  1. middle horizontal wrist block, L -> R
  2. middle horizontal palm block, fingers pointing forward rather than up, R -> L
  3. rising wrist block thru centerline, D -> U
  4. dropping ox-jaw wrist block, U -> D
  5. palm block, circling to the outside & up before pushing horizontally straight across face, R -> L
  6. knifehand block, sweeping across face, circling outside & down to ~parallel with thigh, then pivoting at elbow to stop, palm up, at solar plexis
  7. rising palm block, fingers pointing forward, thru centerline, D -> U
  8. palm block, circling from above head inside, down and then across lower abdomen to outside w/ palm facing to outside

Quiet Dragons, LLC 2015.01.28